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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Even More Joy!

So, I'm continuing with things that bring joy.  In my Facebook query, as you may have gathered from my two previous joy posts. 

 Iris Karp who is a delightful person as well as being the Queen of Mistyfuse named several of my favorites.  Iris wrote:   I don't always know.  But it is usually something simple, something small.  Maybe meeting a challenge or a problem solving, learning something, following through on almost anything; helping something to make something happen for someone else.  Many of my joyful moments center around cooking---it might be coming up with a new recipe or pulling together dinner from scratch and almost out of the air in under 20 minutes that['s good enough to be a "company" dinner.  Learning something that challenges me--could be anything from a new-to-me technique in an Adobe Creative Suite all the way to reading legal cases and learning how it all works.  Oh. . . and putting together from Ikea."

For those of you who know me "for real" will also know how much I love to laugh.  So, in the spirit of sharing, here's a rendition of Jingle Bells which made me laugh out loud as well as several of my FB friends.  This is my ex-next door neighbor and a friend with thanks to Michael Buble.


Robin said...

That video was GREAT!! Thank you !

Michigoose said...

Thanks, Robin, I'll pass that on to the maker. :) I love it when she's trying to fix her antlers....and also when she quietly butts him with them. By the by, they're just friends. Lisa