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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Real Log Cabins part 2

Every week I pass this house on the way to my quilting group. I am pretty sure that if you stripped away the clapboard, you would find a log cabin hiding underneath. Compare these photos with the ones of the Idding's Log Cabin. The "picture window" in this case was probalby the door. It is also likely that there were windows on either side of the door. But, maybe not.

The sad thing is that this house is falling to wrack and ruin. It is for sale, but it has been for as long as I have been driving by.
I stopped and took these photos, but I didn't have the intestinal fortitude to really tresspass and go to the back of the h ouse. You can see though where the lines of the house originally were. The lean-to porch has been converted to an addition. Notice the odd sized windows. All of these things point to the probability that it started life as a humble log cabin....and now is something even more humble.

The sweet peas, probably originally planted by the first woman to live here bravely bloom along the fence which surrounds the house.

Sometime soon,when (if?) the ice melts, I'll share another one I suspect of being a log cabin.

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