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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gone to the Dogs

I'm afraid my Sketchbook Challenge has gone to the dogs. I'm really struggling with this month's topic..."Opposites." Well, dang. Opposites. Hardly gripping for me. I've done salt and pepper; I've done a stone and a feather...and I'm not particularly taken with any of them.

I think once I fill this sketchbook (which is 12" x 12" ) I'll get a smaller one.

I'm also a little intimidated. When people say "sketch" I think pencil or ink. I don't necessarily think color. In fact, working with color on the thin pages is a bit of a drag. Looking at everyone elses' colored, collaged, etc. pages makes mine look more like they belong in the garbage.

Some of the guest artists haven't been showing "opposites." I don't know...I'll struggle through, but I sure as heck hope the next topic is one which inspires me a bit more.

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