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Friday, February 11, 2011

Pam Geisel and the Benkin Gallery of Art

Pam Geisel is also showing at the Benkin Gallery. Pam has three quilts in. At left is her Tropical Sunset.

Pam started out as a Graphic designer and really loves the geometry and interplay of blocks and spaces in her work. She sometimes mixes quilt blocks with watercolor paintings. Pam has only been quilting since 2001. She joined Miami Valley Art Quilt Network (which is how I met her) in about 2007 or 2008. I've forgotten!

This piece is called "Crossings." You can see more of Pam's work on her website. She also sells fiber art, prints made from her work and painted fabric on Etsy, Bonanza and on Artfire. Her blog is here.

This last one is "Winter Snowscape." While I have had just about enough of snow, ice and cold, it is pretty fun to see the dancing blocks across the sky with the shaded snow and mountains below. Are those blocks snowflakes or twinkling stars?

Lest you think the show is entirely MVAQN members, or all Carroll Schleppi's work, I'm including another quilter's work. I don't personally know her, but this last piece is Connie Nisonger's "Bouillabaisse" and is 60" x 38". Unlike Pam's, Carroll's and my quilts, "Bouillabaisse" is a commercial pattern developed by Pie in the Sky Quilts.

While contemporary, I don't really categorize this as an art quilt. An art quilt denotes original work. It is a contemporary quilt. Sometimes it is difficult to separate the two in people's minds. However, the owner of the gallery put out the call to all the area guilds asking for people to display. All the pieces which are in the show HAVE to be for sale.

I have four quilts in this show...but you've already seen them. (Microscopic Feather, Standing on Sacred Ground, Redwing Blackbird, and Diatoms.)

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