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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Carroll Schleppi's Current work at Benkin Gallery

Carroll Schleppi is one of my colleagues from the Miami Valley Art Quilt Network. Carroll retired not too long ago from the mathematics department of the University of Dayton. One of the more interesting things she told me was that when she was applying to college, she expressed an interest in engineering. The only problem was that at that time, women didn't go into engineering. Instead, they directed her to the more acceptable venue for female minds....mathematics.

Carroll has really opened up her quilting in the last couple of years. I like this monochromatic study in triangle and circles. I think this came out of one of the explorations from Jane Davila and Elin Waterston's Art Quilt Workbook. Carroll named this "Outer Space c. 1930" playing up the modernistic feeling of the triangle/circle combination.

The texture in it is just wonderful. The metallic fabric really adds a sparkle as does the silver cording.

About a year and a half ago, a number of us were exploring rust dyeing. Lori Gravely (Laughing Girl Quilts) led session for MVAQN. This piece Carroll made using her rust-dyed fabric. Carrol uses a lot of bits and pieces salvaged from other things. "Rust and Leather" uses leather strips from a leather skirt she cut up. I can't imagine sewing this as suede has a habit of sticking to your presser foot.

Carroll has been working a lot with texture lately. "Black 101" is intriguing

because it is all black, but you are drawn into the various areas because of the change in texture and the reflective quality. This piece, and "Rust and Leather" are both about 20" x 20"

"Brown Locks" plays with Japanese fabrics and other pieces. I don't know much about this one because I haven't been at the recent meetings.

Carroll has a cache of Hawaiian shirt prints she got from a Hawaiian shirt factory. They are all cutting floor scraps. I think she is getting to the end of them, but it has been really fun to see what she's been doing with them. You can see one of her larger pieces showing the floral prints in my previous post. It's in the "blue room."

Another piece also made from the Hawaiian prints is her "Geckos at Sunset." My overall of this piece didn't turn out well. It hangs in the "blue room" as well, next to Pam Geisel's palm tree at sunset.

I did get a decent shot of the geckos though.

The last piece is from The Art Quilt Workbook sessions. Carroll chose "beans" as her theme and this is "Falling Limas."


LaughingLG said...

Thanks so much for posting about Carrol's show. It's fun to see her work all together.

Michigoose said...

You're welcome, Lori! It's not really Carroll's show--it just has a lot of her work in it. Pam and I, as well as many other people are also there. I was in a hurry, so I took overalls and went after Pam's and Carroll's. I may go back to do some more, but I'm not sure if I will have time.