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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

To do, or not?

Desire is an odd thing. You WANT to do many things....but what can you do and do well? I've been struggling with this for the last several days. I have several quilts which need to be finished, as well as a couple of other household sewing tasks. I have a couple of segmented quilts which are in the works and are "due" in March. I want to try to enter the Deep Spaces exhibition which Larkin Van Horn has been promoted. Then there's the SAQA "This is a Quilt" which is due shortly. Plus, I do want to finish the sketchbook project which is due January 15.

In late November, I got word of a local gallery which is having a juried show. All items must be for sale and you have to pay a $25 fee; 30% of all sales will go to the gallery. You can enter as many items as you want and you may replenish them. Hmmm. I currently have three pieces I'd like to sell. I'd love to finish a couple of my other quilts and put in....the drawback is that the deadline is December 31 and the show opens soon thereafter.

I don't think that I could do the show justice. It is also a local show and I think that pushing it just wouldn't be good for me.... or my reputation. Desire? Oh yes....I'd love to put something in....but I think I would make myself crazy trying.

I think that it is more important to step back and make work that I like and that is the best I can do at that time. Rushing things isn't going to help either my work or my reputation. What do I want to do? Put three works in....but I think the best thing at present is to preserve my sanity and take care of some of the other things on my place....and maybe clean up my studio. What a novel idea!

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Vivien Zepf said...

Restraint and thoughtful consideration before jumping in -- two things I would do well to learn! Sounds like a good plan to me. I look forward to seeing what you do want to put "out there".