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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oh Selvedge Tree!

Tuesday, this lovely card came in the mail. Joan Sterr, from the Miami Valley Art Quilt Network sent it to me. You've seen her work here on my blog before.

I know that Joan has done things with selvedges before, but this gave me a giggle. The Tan part is a pleather (plastic leather) sort of fabric which has a window cut out. She then trimmed out the edges in ric-rac and made the ornament parts from the registration marks on the selvedge.

On the interior, Joan wrote "Oh Selvedge Tree, Oh Selvedge tree!" which really made me giggle.

Fabric cards here are very fun. The Batty Binder's Quilt Group have been sending me little post cards to keep my spirits up. I think my husband likes them best of all. He asks me if I have received any and quickly takes a look.

Very fun!

Oh yes, and for all you non-sewers, a selvedge is the tightly woven edge of the fabric...the "self- edge". Quilters cut it off as it can make for distortion. Along the edge is usually printed the name of the manufacturer, the collection and these series of dots which serve as the printer's registration marks for the different colors of inks and dyes on the fabric. Each color requires a separate pass through the machines, so it is important to make sure that each color is safe within it's little dot.

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Nini said...

I love this card! I've been saving selvage strips for several years. Now I know what to do with them. Thanks for posting.