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Monday, December 20, 2010

Memories of warmth

It's cold and snowy here and I'm tired. When I'm tired, I feel cold and think of things warmer. This summer, once again I had the occasion to go to Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts. If you ever have the chance, please go. Shelburne is the start of the Mohawk Trail, and by it, my ancestors who moved to Shelburne from Connecticut, then trekked across the Mohawk Trail into upstate New York, before moving on and ending up in Ohio and Michigan. In the fall, it is gorgeous.

In the spring and summer it is equally gorgeous because some brilliant person had a fantastic idea. When the bridge, that you see here, was no longer useful for supporting vehicular traffic and another bridge had been made to replace it, they kept it as a pedestrian bridge. However, it isn't your average pedestrian is a floral bridge....essentially a garden over the river.

This path, isn't a path, but the center part of the bridge. The entire length of the bridge is filled with flower, shrubs, flowering vines and small trees.

The town is a sweet little town with a great deal of artists and small shops. Glassware, pottery, woodcarving, weaving and fine art abound. In addition, Ann Brauer's quilt studio is there and you can often find her quilting on her industrial machine at speeds which make my fingers burn.

So far, each time I've gone, I've managed to do so in the rain...but I guess I've proved that I'm not the wicked witch of the west as I have yet to turn into a puddle of brown sugar.

I don't know who does the upkeep on this pathway, but it is fantastic and well worth the visit. May these thoughts be running around in your head as you think of where you might like to go some fine summer day...

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