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Monday, September 13, 2010

No Friggin' Pictures

If my mom saw that, she'd wash my mouth out with soap, "And don't think you're too old for me to do it, either!" She very would be able to, as I'm presently in Montana visiting with my mom and dad with my sister.

No pictures. Would anyone read a blog entry without pictures? Believe me, I tried to post pictures. I have great ones...and several posts I have written in my head....with pictures. But, while this computer is 2 years younger than my own, it is slower than molasses in January. My parents do minimal computer work and while my dad has a digital camera, he doesn't use it.

So...there's no picture editing program. I downloaded Picasa and tried to manipulate my photos into websize. I thought it had it, until I went to load it into the post here and it was WAY too big. So...I went back and tried to clean up the computer. I tried to figure out why is sounds like a pop-corn popper in the background (what ARE all those processes running anyway?). Zilch. Zip. Nada.

Yesterday, my sister, my niece and I went to Havre to see the land claims my great-grandmother proved. We have a photo of her in front of her shack, and while my niece worked in an attorney's office (who didn't have enough work for her) she looked up the tracts. It was pretty neat, but left more questions than before we visited.

The first thing which happened when I stepped through the door was "LIS! The task bar is in the wrong place?!!!!" (that was my father). "LISA! I can't play my games or click on my animal rescue sites! The cursor keeps on doing strange things!!!!!" (that's my mother). Now mind you, it was already 10:30 pm.

So, I loaded a new anti-virus, ran some scans, deleted a whole bunch of stuff, emptied the recycle bin...I need to clear out the temporary files...and I did a defrag. It works a little bit better, but I've given up on loading pictures. I have, however, fixed the cursor and moved the taskbar.

So, tell me. Does anyone read blog posts without pictures?


Colleen Kole said...

Yes I did-your post title made me smile.

Vicky F said...

I read your post, too. At least your mom and dad have a computer. My dad has no interest in a computer (even though he loves to have me look up things for him all the time, such as good woods for smoking fish, Paula Deen recipes, etc!
Survive your visit!!
Vicky F

Sunita said...

Montana! I have this picture in my head of Montana ... absolutely beautiful and untouched. I don't know how I got that picture but there you have it. And I used that picture in your blog and you know what? it fit perfectly! ;D
Still waiting to see your photos, though. And yes, people do read blogs without pictures, especially when they're written by such interesting people :)

Michigoose said...

Thanks, Colleen and Vicky! You always wonder..

Sunita, some if it is that way....I'll post more when I can do more pictures. Montana is vast (not as vast as India, but the lack of population makes it feel that way) and has several distinct types of country, but I think it can mostly be described as plains or forested mountains....

and thanks for the interesting people comment. :)