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Sunday, September 5, 2010

More emphasis on Quilting: Vicki Carlson

Vicki Carlson entered this wonderful quilt in the NQA quilt show in Columbus this year. Siena Fields.

In 2008, Vicki's daughter got married in the Umbrian town of Panicale. This was Vicki's first trip to Tuscany. She painted PFD (prepared for dying) cotton with textile paints inspired by the landscapes she saw there.
She fine-tuned the shading and composition with Shiva oil paint sticks.

While the landscape did have furrows which are suggested by the quilting, this was not exactly as it appeared, but she gave the impression of the land's texture by her quilted lines. Line and shadow, wonderful colors, just a great piece.

Like Vicki, I often use a lot of painting in my quilts. Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't just ditch quilting and return to painting. Creating a piece would certainly be a lot faster! However, when you look at a quilt, there is so much more in a piece when you add the quilting lines. Stitching really is the crowning touch. Painting is fun, and because of the work involved, it really is faster than quilting---even though I think most painters wouldn't agree until they tried quilting in this way, but those stitches, whether by hand or machine, just add so much more to a piece. Thus, I'm sticking with my high fiber diet!

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