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Monday, September 6, 2010

Iraqi Bundles of Love part II

Last year, an American soldier in Iraq got the idea that one way to let the Iraqi people know that we were real and that Americans have very big hearts by putting out the word and having people send large priority mail flat rate boxes to an APO address. From there, he would see to it that they would be distributed to women who would use the materials to make things for themselves, their families, and for sale.

He asked for the boxes to be filled with sewing notions, fabric, anything we could put in. Some people asked about knitting items, and those went off too. Thousands of boxes were delivered. No fake.

I pretty much thought that was the end of it since the guy who started all this came back stateside. Well, much to my surprise, all of a sudden the comments on his Wordpress blog started coming again with people asking for the address.

As it turns out, he's doing it again. Iraqi Bundles of Love part II is now underway. You have until October 1 to get your boxes in the mail. All you have to do, is go to the website, read about it, follow the instructions (and they aren't hard!) and send boxes off to the APO address for the cost of $12.50. If you have a stash which needs reducing, this is a great idea.

Please, no religious pamphlets or sentiments, just straight out and out no strings attached offers of our regard. Check it out here:
here is the written out URL in case you don't like the link

So, show how strong that American flag can wave and off load your fabrics! Green is a great color, and solids too, but lots of things work.

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