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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On Fire

Today and yesterday have been whirlwinds. I'm approaching one of those times when I feel I'm almost out of control...kind of like this fire. My neighbor was burning the tomato vines and other dried, woody material from his garden, and I just had to snap this picture.

Yesterday, I made some yo-yo's and worked on some other small quilty projects. The yo-yos are for the stack and whack for my mom to use.

I had hoped to get into the sewing room today...and I did go in, but it was to pack up my Bernina to take to the shop as it isn't working right. Then it was a mad dash to take my daughter to meet with a photographer. She's trying to decide between two photographers to take her senior pictures. Both are very artistic and both have asked her to be "ambasadors" (read: sales rep in her school). If you could help, she and I would both appreciate it. Please leave a comment telling us which of these two photographers you like best. Ty or Jon. I'm not kidding...the more feedback the better as we both are on the fence...

Here are two more of the textured pieces Liz Schneiders did for our MVAQN texture workshop. These two pieces were made by poking the fabric through some hardware cloth, dampening it and drying it to maintain the shape. Pretty cool!


Anonymous said...

Okay, the photographers: I really like photos on Ty's home page. I'd go with him.

Then I clicked on senior photos. Huh? What's with the cemetery? Are these photos in addition to a formal portrait? And are they supposed to portray something about the students' personalities? I like the photo of the girl in the art studio.

Dawn said...


Michigoose said...

Thanks guys...I really appreciate this as I've been struggling...and I was serious when I asked as I know that most of the people who follow my blog have a good eye.

My daughter keeps on saying she wants TyJon, as she can't make up her mind. I like how Jon seems to pull the personality of the person out, but I like how Ty handles light better...even though he does more with combining artificial and natural light, and I suspect plays with photo-editing capabilities to bring it out as well.

I'm not so sure I like the hard-edged sort of look that some of the models on Ty's have...but then that's the look that the kids like to put.

The Cemetery? Hmm...I think it's a look at contrast in textures. There is a heavy reliance on urban decay for much the same reason, although I kind of like it, it would seem it is beginning to get a tad overplayed in my book.

The locations she's thinking about is a local nature center where she runs with the cross country team a lot and our backyard where the preponderance of my garden is... She's also thinking.

Michigoose said...

I looked again..he's updated the website from when I last looked at it...I think the cemetery is reflecting the girl....I think she might be what the call an "emo" which is sort of like a "goth" but not quite....but then, I'm an antiquated mom who isn't supposed to be aware of either.

Vivien said...

First let me say, fabulous fire photo! I've never been successful at something like that; what settings did you use?

As for the senior photo -- is there still time for offer an opinion? Well, there's no doubt that Ty is an artist, but is my view, most of his pictures seem to be about the overall composition, as opposed to the student. I think they're great pictures, don't get me wrong, but I'm not sure the child is always center stage -- as I think (s)he should be. I think Jon has some cool settings but it seems to me that he puts that as the backdrop to the student. He appears more focused on the person. For that reason, I'd go with Jon ... for what it's worth. Good luck! Let us know who you choose and see the picture when it's done! I'm sure both will produce a great one.

Michigoose said...

Thanks Vivien. I don't remember what the settings were...I just went out and fast as I could as I was afraid I was going to miss something. I was starting to do the dishes when I saw the flames shoot up over the arborvitae, and off I went!

No, it's not too late to cast your vote. We won't decide until this weekend I think. Your comments hit the root of the problem. Jon brings out the personality of the person...and you're right, he has the background secondary to the portrait. He has a laid back personality, and is about 28. Ty is a little older and has a family and as my daughter put it "is more business."

However....he handles light and composition well. Jon, while trying to capture that illusive backlighting that everyone does, I think misses it. As my husband put it, it's distracting. He predominantly uses natural light whereas Ty uses a combo and the combo helps cancel out the more undesirable aspects.

I'm going to have her read these comments so she can think about it and help draw a conclusion. My niece, who's not a shabby photographer herself, also voted for Jon for much the same reasons and as she put it "You have to think about how you are going to be portrayed. This picture is going to represent you for a long time."