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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Dimensions: Great Fun with Texture!

Once a month a sub-group of the Miami Valley Art Quilt Network gets together to study elements of design. Last year, Mindy Marik led our group using Jane D'Avila and Elin Waterston's Art Quilt Workbook.

We've continued this year, but we're using Masters: Art Quilts: Major Works by Leading Artists (The Masters) by Martha Sielman (Paperback - May 6, 2008). As I mentioned before, one of the group leads the session basing her (all of the 10 or so of us who meet are women) presentation on an element of art quilting as represented in the book. September, Lori Gravely led us in a rust dyeing discussion. In October, Debra Bentley did a great job on collographic printing. This month, Liz Schneiders led a discussion on dimension and texture.

I tend to use a lot of three-dimensional elements in my quilting, although I have scaled it back in pieces which travel because I've found that they get smashed in shipping.

Here are some of the "mini" examples Liz did up for us. I love the above piece because it reminds me of an 18th century stomacher with a handkerchief stuff in the bodice.

This piece she did with felt, wired ribbon, and torn pieces of cotton

Here's a detail, although my little point and shoot was being was my computer last night when I was trying to upload and resize for the web.

This piece is pin tucks running in two directions. The yellow ochre fabric is printed with lines which makes it look like it has been further manipulated, but it's only the print.

Tomorrow, I'll share some more pieces..including my favorites of the pieces Liz did for us to think about.

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