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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yellow Medley a wordy Wednesday

Vivien said that her day lilies get eaten by deer.  Since I have a fairly high fence and the deer have plenty of other places to go, I don't have a husbands who get overly rambunctious with roundup and splash some on the plants....that's a whole other story.

The day lilies in the center, which you can barely see because of the the annual black-eyed Susans (a rudebekia species which I can't remember which) are a wonderful orange called "Mauna Loa"  the throats are splashed with a darker orange which looks like someone painted it.  The yellow daisy looking things are marsh sunflowers, and the far back has yellow tiger lilies (Lilium superbum) .. Pokey looking bally thingies are Echinops Ritro.  and yes....there's some golden rod and misc. other weeds growing in there too.

It's so hot, I haven't been able to go out and shoot the close ups of the day lilies I intended to...the chemo I'm on makes me really susceptible to heat and sun. So....this cheerie little melange will just have to do for today.

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Vivien Zepf said...

I LOVE IT!! Thank you, Lisa!