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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Metropark Daylilies Sketch

I am often overwhelmed.....It's been that way.  Too much to do in the house and the garden along with the regular living often renders me incapable of doing anything.

Once again, I have vowed to keep on chipping away at things.....working a little bit every day in the garden (trying to get the weeds under control) and in the various parts of the house which are....a disaster.

 The sewing room I fear has once again been the recipient of dumped projects and materials waiting for me to get in there and properly put things away.  It is so bad that I can't bear to be in there.

You'll recall this photo from a couple of weeks ago. It is my basis for entry into the Miami Valley Art Quilt Network's Dayton Metro Park show. I intended to get right at it and do my drawing.  But it didn't happen...largely because I couldn't bear the thought of going into the pigsty which is my sewing room/studio.

Today was my usual quilting group.  While I have been chipping away at a queen sized traditional quilt, I also brought along the supplies to get the drawing done.  The sketch above is what I intend....although I will fill in the front with more day lilies and the trees still need some tweaking.  I was merely roughing in some shapes which would be interpreted by stitching and various bits of cloth....but in looking at it, I think it still needs some tweaking.

I often have a problem.  I often am slavishly devoted in absolutely re-creating what I see, regardless of whether or not the composition could be improved.  Thus, I am adding in more skyline on this to bring some blue in to contrast with the orange day lilies and give more flow, and more day lilies as I think it will make it more interesting.  I'm also moving some Queen Anne's Lace from the middle of the field (where it was growing because it got more sun) to the foreground to add some more interest and contrast in shape and texture.

I will probably do two of these, one a complete abstract, another less so.  My friend Chris reminded me that this isn't due until February.....but I know me....and I don't want to be last minute Lisa.  Besides, who knows what curve balls life with throw me in the ensuing months?

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Nina Marie said...

funny - my whole sewing hole used to be a dumping ground too. Now that I have my studio though I tend to keep it cleaner - I think its 'cause I don't store as much in there and things have a distinct place. You know I love day lilies - gotta do a lily project every year!