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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ear Worms

No...not real worms...a tune you get stuck in your head and you can't get it out.  For the last three days, I've been thinking of Saint Saen's Saen's Symphony 3 in C minor...sometimes referred to as the Organ Symphony...but more familiar to most people as "the Theme from Babe."  I love to sing....and I don't do it much anymore...but this is a piece which cries to have you dancing and singing...even if you're just mimicking the instruments.

It is a gorgeous piece of music...and when you hear it, especially in person, it is extremely moving.  It is a piece of great power and the organ's ability to send the music reverberating through your chest emphasizes it.   Jonathan Hodges wrote lyrics which are beautiful, even if most of the time people truncate it.  Yvonne Keely and Scott Fizgerald brought it out in 1977, basing the music on a section from the second movement.

Keali'i Reichel had a go of it in reggae style....and it actually works. You can hear it on this site AND read the gorgeous poetry of the words...the whole deal, not the short version which is extremely repetitious.

However, the most beautiful rendition of this section is a Gloria which was fitted to it and sung by Libera.
I encourage you to check out the symphony here, but the Libera version is a must listen...and you'll share the same ear worm as I.

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