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Monday, December 17, 2012

A Fiber Christmas Card

I have a very talented quilting friend whose work you have seen here many times before.  Joan Sterr has a wonderful habit of sending me hand-made fiber Christmas cards.  This one is a felt snowman mounted on a silver sparkly denim.  The selvedge at the bottom makes it look like grass, and the buttons/eyes and stars are all sequins.  Way fun...

I envy her as she must start very early to get them made and out...even if she does home made ones for a select few...and I'm honored I get them.  Rest assured, I save them all and I am getting quite a cool collection of cards that people have sent me or that I have purchased at various fund raising auctions.

This is short and sweet as I MUST get back to working on some quilts and I am going to be out of commission tomorrow as I have some tests done. 

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