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Monday, August 27, 2012

Rule Breaker

See her? Right there? She's a rule breaker....and I don't mean diets. I noticed in the AQS Grand Rapids show booklet that posting photos on blogs of quilts from the show was prohibited unless you contacted AQS first and got permission from the quilt maker.

This was slightly different from the IQF policy....and while I don't have any problem with the concept, I do have some suggestions as to how it may be better carried out....and part of it is VERY problematic.  First, this policy was only stated in the booklet...which I paid an additional $1 for in addition to my show ticket.  The paragraph said you had to contact AQS, but didn't tell you WHO you needed to I went to the website...and decided that probably the best person would be the show director....who is probably sitting down with her feet up somewhere recuperating after the show least I can hope.  As a long time member of AQS, I wish they would have been a bit more explicit.

In addition, several of the things I was going to share are for exhibitions....It is very difficult to track down American quilters to get their permission, even though for every quilt I put on my blog, I really do my darnedest to find them.  Sometimes, they don't have internet presence.  No Facebook, no membership in SAQA, no nothing....or there are 152 people of the same name on Facebook and I have no idea how to figure out which one is them.  Sometimes I can find their quilts on line...covered in other people's blogs or listed in other shows.  Often, when I find a website, the email either doesn't work, or they choose not to answer.

If you saw what I originally posted the other day, you'll notice that I used watermarks with the quiltmaker's name, the copyright symbol and the current year, in addition to AQS Grand Rapids quilt show.  All images were re-sized to 400 ppi and posted at low quality.  All the images were identified both in my text as well as with captions under the piece.

I understand, images can be stolen...but it seems like there should be an easier way for people who are discussing works and concepts and showing their quilts (which presumably would reach a larger audience) to actually do this.  Certainly, if quilters have websites...they should at least have the courtesy to maintain their email addresses and respond to queries...

So...would you read a post from me where I tried to describe them in detail and discuss the concepts? or would you roll your eyeballs in disgust?   As you can see...the usual rules I break (other than quilting rules) tends to be observance of a diet....So...since Gwen Marston commented on her website she's not "hooked up"  I guess I'll have to call her on Beaver Island and hope that she doesn't screen her calls...


Kathy said...

I was highly chastised by a blog reader once for publishing show photos, even with attribution, so I just don't do it anymore. Most people I know would be highly flattered that someone loved their quilt enough to publicly say so. Somewhere in the world of copyright and litigation, we've lost the ability to simply praise...too much fear of 'stealing my image'. It's sad, but true and I miss the excitement of sharing great quilts.

kathy loomis said...

I think this is an unfairly restrictive rule on the part of AQS. While it's not a deal-breaker, it's one more piece of evidence that perhaps I don't want to attend AQS shows any more.

I'd be tempted to post images anyway. What is AQS going to do -- sue you?