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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Aullwood Art Quilt Show: Barbara Schlagbaum and Jean Liittschwager

Barbara Alexander Schlagbaum, "Papaya Tree," 53" x 45" $1,200.
I love this piece.  This is Barbara Alexander Schlagbaum's "Papaya Tree."  I love the texture and the colors she used. I like the contrast in tone and shape of the border which picks up on the shapes and colors of the trunk of the papaya.  I especially like the depth and detail she obtained in working on the trunk of the tree.

Although it doesn't show up well in this photograph, she used shiny ribbons in order to make the lines on the tree which give an added element of interest.  Her choice of the commercial batiks are absolutely spot on....

Schlagbaum, "Papaya Tree," detail

Barbara used raw edge applique in order to enhance the roughness and the texture of the leaves and trunk.  If I were to make any criticism at all, it would be that perhaps it could stand some more contrast in the value of the leaves in order to make them stand out better.  The area to the left seems to me to need a little more definition, but truth be told, I've never seen a real papaya tree, so it may indeed look just like this.

Barbara lives in Westerville, Ohio.  While I cannot find a website for her, she does have an Etsy shop and you can find more work of hers there...including another papaya tree!

Jean Liittschwager, "Pearl of the Planets," 43.5" x 35" $2875.

When you first walk through Aullwood, you might walk past this one, but it really warrants a deeper look.  This is Jean Liittschwager's "Pearl of the Planets."  I think that it could have stood some more light on it.  The piece is composed of several sections which illustrate land, air, water, life forms. While I really liked the shiny element of the "pearl", what is really interesting is the detail, her quilting and handwork shows some very interesting things indeed.

The grey section which looks like pebbles is not a print, but is her pebbled quilting.

Look at the texture from the quilting on this section.

I probably should have posted this in a larger size, but if you look closely, you can see that she has used  a quilting pattern of little hills in the light brown below the pearl.  To the right, on the rust section she has used houses.  On the blue section, the squiggles either represent gasses or water, I'm not quite sure.

You could actually stand looking at this piece for quite some time picking out different elements which delight the eye in their subtlety.  Jean is from Walterville, Oregon.  Please do take a look at her website here.


Del said...

LOVE the Papaya tree. Great color and it does look much like a papaya tree. I'll write her.

Del said...

Nope, her contact doesn't work. Del

Lisa Broberg Quintana said...

Del, have you signed in to Etsy? You need to do that before you click the contact link. I just tried....and it went through.

I checked the links, and at least they worked for me. :/

One of my biggest pet peeves is for people who have websites or blogs, and you email them or try to contact them and they ignore you, or the addresses they use on their websites, they never check or have changed and not updated their websites. GRRR.