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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Aullwood: Carrol Schleppi gives you a little Challenge

Carroll Schleppi, Dayton, OH "Shovel Ready" 12.25" x 10.25"  $100
Carroll Schleppi is one of my Miami Valley Art Quilt Network co-horts and often enters the Aullwood show. As part of the MVAQN art quilt design workshop when we were working from Jane D'Avila and Elin Waterston's Art Quilt Workbook, Carrol chose to do beans as her particular, Lima beans.  This is a piece which came out of that experience.  If you look closely, you can see the tendrils coming out of the bean at the base of the shovel.  For the shovel, Carroll printed a photograph of a shovel and then worked with it, adding tons of thread painting on the ground and on the shovel handle.  The tendrils are composed of rayon rat-tail trim and are couched to the surface.
Carroll Schleppi, "Q Garden" 13.25" x 11.5".  $100.

Carroll is a retired mathematics professor from the University of Dayton.  Early in her career, she lived in London, and still returns there for visits as she is an avid traveler.  Carroll also loves to play with fact this one gives you a game to play.  One of her favorite places in London is Kew Gardens, which is pronounced "Q".  so....take a look at this piece, see if you can find the "Q"s.

Carroll also uses a lot of "Aloha prints."  She is an inveterate recycler of fabrics and on a trip several years ago to Hawaii, she brought back scraps from a Hawaiian shirt cutting floor.  She has been using these Aloha prints ever since, and still has a lot to go...maybe because she often does smaller pieces, but she has made bigger ones from the fabric as well. here is a detail to help you find some "Q"s.

Now.....let's take a look at her companion guessed it,  "q Garden."

I like how she has used the raw edges...something which I think is a little new for Carroll.  Once again, she has used Aloha prints.  I think this one is easier to find the "q"s.

Carroll Schleppi "q Garden", 14" x 11.5"  $100

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Wen Redmond said...

BE-U-tiful leaves! So much quilting! Thank you for sharing!