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Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Toadlets have Metamorphed!

Yep..."toadlet" is the correct name.  They have started to try to crawl out of the pond.  You can sort of see on the one which is a little out of focus on the right that he still has the remains of his tail.  Some do, and some don't.  I worry about the little guys, but I don't know if I should help them out of the pond at this stage, or if they need a couple of days near the water source.  I do know that it is in the 90s here and that black rubber is very hot without the water to cool it.

They are about 1/4" - 1/2" long. It is so hot, the goldfish are very active and I'm afraid of them eating the little guys...and then there's the green frog and the darned bullfrog.


Del said...

You could run a little sprinkler for them - when they get too hot they could jump in for a little shower! Gotta keep those little mosquito eaters happy. Love, Del

Shady Character said...

Aren't they adorable! We used to gather toad eggs when we were kids and watch the whole process.