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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Miami Valley Quilters Guild Show 2012

I have been working my little fingers off for the last several days trying to finish some pieces for the Miami Valley Quilter's Guild show at the Green County Fairgrounds in Xenia, Ohio.  The guild has a show every other year, and it really is an amazing show of differing types of quilting as well as different levels of ability.

  I submitted three pieces, two of which I hadn't quite finished...and with everything else, it is a great push.
This is one of the pieces I submitted, and since is ties into my last post, I thought I'd show it here.  I designed it after a Northwestern Tribal "button Blanket" style, and did a frog in the same style.  The tree frog is known as the "Voice of the People" and I thought that particularly valuable since indeed, the health of the land is reflected in the health of its amphibious population.

I am really unhappy with the quilting in hands simply are not co-operating as I can't control the swirls as I once did...geometric forms I can pretty much handle, but the others....OYE!

This is the art quilt section....You can see three pieces by Maria Elkins at the top center (the orange abstract family scene, Maria's self portrait in blue (entitled Quilt Queen..her story may be found here), and her portrait which is heavily stitched.  Several of Fran LaSalle and Pam Geisel's pieces are seen to the left.

Here's just a taste of one of the aisles of quilts, just after we finished setting up.  Over 97 bed sized pieced quilts are on display.....The vendors are really yummy too! Chris Landis and Anna Fricker have a booth in vintage buttons, linens, feedsack fabrics and miscellany that I couldn't pass fabric per se for me to bring home, but some buttons and some lace, and feed sack which is going to be made into something for my niece....I can't mention it here as I don't think she reads my blog....but stranger things have happened.

The show is well worth seeing.....I also got a kick out of the bathroom doors....Xenia was the site of two major tornadic happenings....One was April 3, 1974 which I remembered vividly as I was in high school in Michigan and it brought to mind the multiple tornadoes I lived through on Palm Sunday tornado in Michigan (April 11, 1965) which was vividly etched in my mind since one of the twisters jumped our house as we huddled in the basement.  The second occurred on Sept. 20, 2000.  Both devastated the town, and many of the fairground buildings were demolished in the windstorm.  They were rebuilt with the tornado shelters within the buildings.


Maria Elkins said...

Thanks for the preview of the MVQG show! Can't wait until I see it on Saturday! Thanks for showing my little art quilts. Small correction, though. "Quilt Quuen" isn't a self-portrait, although I confess I'm jealous of her blue hair! I

Lisa Broberg Quintana said...

Oops! Sorry about that was something you said about it in your blog that made me think it was...even though I know what you look like and that hair-do is decidedly NOT you, but on the other hand...maybe the inner you? :)

Naw....I can't imagine you doing all those fluffing and glittering things....

Iris said...

Me like!