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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Back from the Dead

This is of my many goldfish.  Isn't he spectacular?  He's not outside with his friends and relatives yet....He has a rather interesting story.  Lazaro is Spanish for "Lazarus"  and I think Lazaro sounds better than Lazarus.  It rolls off the tongue nicely.

Lazaro seems to have a predilection for getting fungus infections.  The first time I didn't notice until it was really touch and go.  I didn't think I could save him the infection was so bad.  But I did.

Then, last year, he was injured when he dove into the bottom drain along with a bullfrog and a couple other fish rather than allow me to catch him in order to clean the pond.  It was so crowded, the bullfrog scratched him pretty good...and he got an infection.

Then this December, I looked into the pond again and noticed that once again, he had a prodigious fungal infection combined with hepticemia.

He's doing fine right now, but I noticed that he has banged his nose on the filter too many times and now I have to dose him again...You see, Lazaro is probably about 6" long in the body and he's in a 10 gallon hospital tank.

I've been among the missing, and probably will post sporadically as I am trying to finish quilts, and am waiting for my grad school room-mate and her husband to arrive from Virginia any minute now.....But I did want to share the glorious color of this "simple" calico (shubunkin) goldfish.

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Sunita said...

That is one handsome fish, Lisa. Are you sure he's not a cat in disguise? He must've used up mosty of his allotted lives!