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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Through the Mill

It's been a really hectic week....and I'm not even to Wednesday!  Or I guess I am...if you check the clock.  Getting daughter ready for college, finishing up and shipping my submission for "Power Suit" for Artistic Artifact's challenge, getting physical therapy for my hand....just sort of crazy.

I had hoped to get two pieces done for Power Suit...but I think I'll continue working on this series.  I found that I balked at doing it, but once I really got into it, I was sort of enjoying it.  I had several ideas to work with and the odd thing is that what I ended up doing wasn't really what I intended....

The premise of this challenge was to take a packet of fine suit samples and turn it into an 18" square quilt.  The actual challenge wording was this:  "What does "Power Suit" mean to you?  Does it conjure images of smokie-filled rooms where deals are made:  Is a Power Suit a garment or a perons:  Do you plug in a Power Suit:  Waht if a Power Suit gave ou Super Powers? 

Using Power Suit as your inspiration, create an art quilt that expresses your point of view."  Liz Kettle had an extra packet (which included three buttons, a tie and the samples) which she gave to me at the Cincinnati show.  If Liz hadn't given it to me, I wouldn't have done it.  In fact, as much problems as the binding was giving me (numb fingers do not make for good corner turns...sheesh!) I was having second and third thoughts.... I also tried something new and quilted the background with $ signs...not that it really came out well...but it was OK.  At least I got it done and got it out. :)  Somesitmes I need a good swift kick to get things, after depositing daughter at college, I'll turn my attention to finishing my Dayton Landmarks quilts, finishing the "Think Like an Artist" class I'm taking on-line with Pamela Allen, see if I can't whip out my Fast Friday Fabric challenge piece (likely not to be done by Sat..., but maybe I can try....), in addition to cleaning the house, cooking meals, and maybe trying to restore some order to areas which I had to let slide while undergoing chemo...Now, just where is MY power suit?????

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Anonymous said...

Lisa, I'm so glad you made a quilt for our challenge! I'm pretty sure you found your own power suit; it sounds like you're really productive.
Cyndi Souder