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Monday, August 29, 2011

Lost --Shelburne Falls, etc.

 I've been struggling today working on a couple of small art quilts which while I like the concept...I don't much care for the execution.  It is filling out an idea.

So..when taking a break from the drudgery, I checked the Quiltart list...and discovered that Ann Brauer's quilt studio in Shelburne, Falls, Massachusetts has washed away.

I wrote about Shelburne Fall's Floral bridge (Bridge of Flowers) in December of 2010.  I visited there last year and took a bunch of pictures. 

 I enjoy going to Shelburne Falls with my friends Martha and Bob because there's so many artist studios as well as the gorgeous gardens.  Not only was the old bridge convered to a walking garden, but tons of people have wonderful private gardens which are easily seen from the road or sidewalk.  This is a shot of the Bridge of Flowers last year.

 Here is a shot looking back down the bridge.  I must admit, when I saw some photos on the news last night of Brattleboro, I became alarmed.  Many of these towns were mill towns and grew up around the rivers which were sources of power.

While the 19th century building (and in some cases earlier) have withstood other floods, you wonder when it will be just too much for them.

So, keep in mind that these people's livlihoods are here...their art, their shops, their homes, their roads....and our history. 
 You can see that this bridge isn't really down ON the water. 

Now, take a good look at this truss bridge in Shelburne.  See the pink building on the right of the shot?  That's Ann Brauer's quilt studio.  She had an industrial singer sewing machine which had a fairly long harp which she used in her quilting.   She was always gracious and welcoming when people came to her studio.   You can see her wonderful quilts and her studio here...  She was away at a show and had some of her stock with her..but we all have stashes and for her, it is her living, not a hobby. 

Now, watch this video...and you'll see what Hurricane Irene did.   I know that Ann was only one person out of of the videos I watched showed a bureau floating down the river...someone's house was swept away and the bureau ripped out  of it.  Makes my paltry struggle with a little art quilt sort of nothing.

Please consider donating to the Red Cross or what other relief fund you might consider.


LaughingLG said...

Wow, this really puts the devastation in perspective. Thank you for sharing.

Michigoose said...

You're welcome, Lori...I struggle with seeing the shots of so many places I knew well just getting ripped apart. Ann said that they released some of the flood gates higher up without anyone having real warning to get things out...and she and her husband never dreamed that their studio would be hit so...and if you walked the streets you'd see how she came to believe that. She said that some of the pieces were salvaged as were some of her metal tools...I'm hoping sewing machine included...she wasn't specific.

I got word today that family in Connecticut, by no means near the river nor in one of the areas they have been touting as hit are still without power and not likely to get it back until next week....I'm hoping our current heat wave doesn't reach them... Lisa