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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Aullwood 2011: Nancy Bales

Nancy M. Bales, "The Waterfall" 45.25" x 44" NFS.
Nancy M. Bales hails from Skaneateles, New York and pulls her imagery from the up-state New York's landscapes.   She uses hand-dyed and commercial cottons as well as pieces which have been hand-painted which are collaged together using raw-edge applique.  She makes her frothy water and other elements by making "thread-painted lace." in other words, loosely stitched...or rather less densely stitched areas.

Nancy Bales, "Autumn Splendor,"  46" x 41".  NFS.

Nasncy Bales, "Down by the Riverside"  30.75" x 42" . NFS

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