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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More MEEC part 3

Janet Olney Lasley made this lovely mixed media  work called "Purple Sky, Purple Pond."  She used fabric as well as paint in order to make it come alive. 
The portion at lower right is very dimensional and sticks out from the face of the canvas.

This is Chris Bohmer Stewart's "Winter Solstice."  While another piece of fiber art, she also composed a poem to go with it.

Winter Solstice

Candles processing through the snow
    up slopes of dark woods
    to the bonfire
    at the edge of the prairie

                                                                            A   pale solstice dawn
                                                                             Point of balance 
                                                                                  between the cold sleep of winter
                                                                                  and the colors of Light 
                                                                           Restore us, we pray.
                                                                           Renew and rejoice.

                                                                           (copyright Chris Bohmer Stewart, 2011 used by permission of the author).   

Restoration...not just of the pairies, but of ourselves.  What fullness of restoration comes when we work to restore what man has destroyed?  In all things.  Lisa. 

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