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Thursday, June 16, 2011


Last year, I selected "discipline" as my word for the year.  I didn't do too well at incorporating it into my daily life.  However, I'm working on it.

This week has been frustrating.  Partly because I thought that since it was my week free of chemo that I would have energy.  That didn't prove to be the case.

The other point of frustration is that I have been trying to find the big box of beanie babies to send off to Afghanistan....only I can't find them. I have looked for hours and I'm hoping that perhaps they are in the attic.  I know WHAT the box looks like...I just can't lay my hands on it.

Then, I intended to finish up my quilt for the Fast Friday Fabric Challenge...I have the greatest design and I'm really excited about it.....but I decided that it REALLY needed some bobbin work.  I have two extra bobbin cases for my sewing machine, one for monofiliment thread for the bobbin and one for doing bobbin work with larger threads such as the variagated perle cotton I intended to use for this project.  I can't find the bobbin work bobbin case.  I looked...and I looked....and I just can't find it.   I tried to use my little light weight Brother sewing machine which has a drop in bobbin....and I did, for about 1/4 of the way, then it started making horrendous sounds...I think there's something in the bobbin area but my eyesight isn't good enough at present to clean it out.  Heck, I can't even see the regular thread!  I looked for 8 hours for that bobbin case before giving up and going on to the month before's Fast Friday Challenge which I didn't finish either.

It is infuriating how much time I spent looking for things.  I could have been using that time to create instead.  Just a couple of days earlier, Lyric Kinard wrote about this in her newsletter.  I encourage you to not only read it, but to subscribe.  I'm enjoying it completely.  Take a look here.  Her article is something that Vivien Zepf and I have talked about in the some quilt artists such as Lyric and Natalya Aikens are able to quilt, teach, write, AND be mothers.  They have the same number of hours in the day.....

I determined back in March when I realized how bad my sewing room had become and how I hated my office that I would start following what I knew to be true.  Put things where they belong and clean up each'll save both time and money because you won't have to buy duplicates and you'll be able to get right to work.  Lyric asked in her newsletter how we're going to exercise discipline.  I have vowed to handle things once...putting them right where they belong not setting them down to get to them later...because later often comes when there is a mountain to deal with which then takes days....and just serves to frustrate.

I've also vowed to unpack bags from classes, etc.  This came after I discovered 6 pots of Stewart Gill paint int he bottom of the bag I took to Carol Taylor's class at NQA in Columbus last year.  I had been looking for those pots! 

I am also labeling boxes and containers so anyone can find what they are looking for in my sewing room.  That way, I won't be stuck going "now what did I do with that?  Which box holds that little wonder???? 

It will take time.  It is, however, markedly better than it was just a month ago.  Big thanks go to Chris Landis and Beth Ann Miller who came and helped by labeling putting things in while I directed.  What a great thing!, back to working on the very fabulous design. :)


lyric said...

You also need to be easy on yourself. Now is a season and time for fighting illness and resting. Choose easy goals. Pick up three things then go sit down.

I'm digging out from two months of frantic kid schedules and teaching. Spent all day yesterday just clearing my sewing and drafting table. It's almost useable. Now to get to the boxes of class supplies covering the floor.

Love and hugs to you!

Michigoose said...

This is true, Lyric. I too just finished massive Kid stuff....much as you have only I only have the one...but maybe that's more intense because the focus is one.

Learning what IS possible has always been difficult for me. I'm afraid I get overly enthusiastic and think I'm superwoman..only my cape is getting a little tattered. Learning limits and being able to accept them with grace is another thing I'm trying to do. And yes, I don't feel guilty about napping or going to bed early, but desire is often greater than discipline and leads to disappointment.

I have missed entering several shows I dearly wanted to submit to (Sacred Threads and this year's Aullwood Show) but I recognize that I have to put aside that and focus on getting well...I do hope to do the pieces anyway and maybe submit them to Sacred threads two years hence. :) Hopefully, my body and my health will allow.

Good luck on your excavating! We ought to swap before and after photos! L.

Anonymous said...

lisa, you are trying to do too much. let it go. take more naps. the aullwood show and the sacred threads comes back every year. don't put so much pressure on yourself. joan

sherrie said...

I totally agree with Lyric and Anonymous. You're putting too much pressure on yourself. Why not just have one little project to work on that brings you joy because of the colors or design or the technique? Don't worry now about deadlines and clutter; just focus on something beautiful. It might turn out to be the perfect "healing" piece for Sacred Threads. -- Sherrie from Sherrie Loves Color (blogger won't accept my Google profile)

Michigoose said...

Lol...I have backed off and I didn't get them done..that doesn't mean that I can't be disappointed. Understanding that I have bigger fish to fry still doesn't overcome the regret (not heaps mind you, but regret none-the-less) that I have in not accomplishing those things.

However, by working on the organization of my sewing room and reminding myself to put things away while they are in my hand and not to clutter up my sewing table means that the time that I am feeling ok means I CAN work instead of spending it in fruitless searches for the tools I need to do the job.