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Thursday, June 23, 2011

More MEEC Exhibition

 The Marianist center in Dayton has a number of talented artists.  A. Joseph Barrish SM, or "Brother Joe" as he is known, is an internationally exhibited artist whose work just fills me with joy.  His colors are exuberant and I find myself wishing I could do similar works.  I could, of course, but I don't know if this is really the path I am meant to follow.

Some of Brother Joe's pieces reminds me of Elizabeth Barton's quilts.  Look at Brother Joe's pieces here and compare them with Elizabeth's here.  I am fascinated by the richness and texture both of these artist express so well.
 This offering really made me giggle. I loved it!  Vickie Fisher made these pieces from recycled grocery bags--a hat, at basket and my favorite? A grocery bag made from grocery bags!  This just tickled my funny bone.
 I love Bill Franz's photography.  I have seen some of his pieces before, but the tight color range in this humming bird shot "Feeding the Family" I thought was particularly good.  Bill is an amateur photographer from Oakwood, OH.  You can see some of his shots on flickr here.
 Winnie Fiedler usually tries to get something into the M.E.E.C. show to support this local endeavor.  I haven't seen Winnie in a while, but I was very pleased to see her "Color Song" here at the gallery.
This piece is called "Prairie Biodiversity" and is by Marilyn Bishop.  No surprise, this color pallet is one I adore and the movement of the shapes and general rhythm of the piece is very satisfying.  Obviously others thought so too as it was used s the postcard for the show information AND sold. 

Please check out Marilyn's blog.  In it she discusses a number of other pieces she did for the show but did not submit. I think it is useful and interesting to see how others determine what "works" and what doesn't for a show.

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