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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Sketchbook Challenge: February

February's theme for the Sketchbook challenge was "Opposites."  I must admit, the topic didn't thrill me and I really had to work at getting anything done... I did more than I am showing here, but it wasn't spectacular.  To add insult to injury, when I went to upload them to the FLICKR site, my computer went into a sneezing jag and they wouldn't I had none entered for February. 

Just as well I suppose.  The first one I did on Feb. 1 was this one.....a feather and a cool stone I picked up in Connecticut many years ago.  Opposites as in heavy and light.

I'm not sure why these are so pixilated and the color weird, but it was my attempt at empty and full.  I actually did the one on the left from life (in the chemo room) and the empty one was from my imagination.  Yah. Like I said...I wasn't coming up with lots of brilliant ideas.
This rather sketchy sketch is one I did from a picture.  It's our cat Angel grooming my Siberian Huskey, Luna.  Luna died in February of 2009, but Angel and Luna loved each other dearly.  It was sort of funny.  In the original photo, Luna had this dorky look on her face and was pulling her ears back.  You can see the original picture here.
Then I started to try to think of all the opposites I could. I wrote them down in pairs on a page of the sketch book....and then did this rather uninspired piece.
Finally, in desperation, I decided that drawing ANYTHING was better than nothing and so while waiting in a doctor's office I sketched this cast iron plant (aspidistra).  Not great....but something.


Lisa said...

Hi Lisa. I'm in the sketchbook challenge too. Opposites was a hard one. But what about this month? Spilling Over? ACK!!

Vivien Zepf said...

You're doing way better than I am!

Michigoose said...

Lol...Lisa, I"m liking spilling over better than opposites...although I'm hoping to get myself situated near one of the dams here (if we get decent weather). We've got some pretty serious flooding going on here and I'd like to sketch some of it from life. So far, weather and life are not co-operating.

Vivien, considering what's going on in your life and art...I'm not surprised! I'll be very happy when a college decision is made around here because teenagers under stress and showing angst and drama do not for fun life make! I'm sure you feel somewhat similar.

At present, I'm sort of relating to Laughing Girl Quilts (Lori Gravley)''s comment on her blog about life being a tilta-whirl... :)