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Monday, March 28, 2011

Art Quilts: What are they and How do you make them? Tutorials/tips Part 2

Ok...for this installment, I've decided to go in no particular bear with me. :)  The brain isn't just working like it used to.

Ellen Lindner has several possibilities for you to explore on her website.  Under "Learn with Ellen"  you can look at some of her articles, watch a video on making a mixed media book, or you can look over her gallery and on-line and regular classes.  In addition, her blog has some good information and examples on it as well.Some of her posts include how to block a quilt, putting on facings, and MORE. 

Bonnie McCaffery has lots of vidcasts on her website which often include mini-demonstrations by her guest artists.  Some of them are just downright fun, even if you have no interest in EVER making an art quilt.  Look here for the vidcasts.

Kathy Loomis has lots of tutorials on her blog.  Just scroll down the side of the blog, then look on "Labels."  There, in alphabetical order you'll find "tutorials."  She has  the following subjects currently up and she adds to this when the muse moves her. :)
sewed cords for jewelry
piecing curved seams
piecing very fine lines
foundation piecing
machine quilting very large quilts
"designer mending"
perfect facings.

Like Kathy, Terry Grant puts up tutorials periodically as well. Check out her fusing method which uses liquid thread rather than a fusible web which allows the hand to stay very soft and it doesn't gunk up your needles.  She also has one on edge finishing a small piece, really cool if you want to stay away from bindings or facings....She has a little trick which makes it really stand out. She, like several of the others, also has a little gallery of her work on the top of the blog.

Ok...just in case you might have your head blow up too quickly...I'm going to let you think about these and continue tomorrow. :)

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