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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter Chill

I've been working on the silly I'm just going to share some more photos I took on Sunday.

There's something about these arborvitae soldiers standing at attention at the back of our property. While I don't as a general rule like arborvitae, I do like their contrast. Every morning I look at them out my bathroom window, my silent sentinels of the back yard.

Pannicles from the Panicum "Dallas Blues." I have this one, and Panicum virgatum "Heavy Metal." Dallas Blues has a redder color once it has dried.

Again, I should have cut down the sunflowers...but I kind of like how these look. Once we get some warm weather and I have the time, I'll go out and cut them down. I'll chop up the stalks and put it in the compost.

And to leave things on a warm note...some more Chilhuly for Vivien.

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