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Monday, January 4, 2010

Franklin Park Conservatory Chilhuly Exhibition part II

Cobalt blue is one of my favorite colors....and several pieces in the show are in this wonderful color. At left is a detail of the larger installation seen below. Arranged in a boat, it almost vibrates with energy.

One of the fun things about this is that they have a children's area where there is a wooden boat with holes in the front. Children can take plastic blown shapes similar to the ones used in Chilhuly's work and arrange it in the "boat." Or they can just play in the boat.

Several interactive items were designed for children in the lower level. One which intrigued my husband was an image of one of Chilhuly's works with magnetic plants. You could then arrange the "landscape" with the magnetic pieces to understand how they worked together or didn't.

There is also an outside pavilion where a glass blower is working with two furnaces. Here you can see the gather with the partially shaped piece being put in the furnace. Everyone wanted to get closer because we were freezing while the artist was in a short sleeve t-shirt.

This multi-color piece is a portion of one of his overhead installations.

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