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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thinking & working

I've been madly working on my Fast Friday Challenge....and taking care of the in our furnace fritzed out last night and we woke up to 57 degree house....which is a testament to the insulation of this house. If we were still in Connecticut in our 1941 vintage house I'm sure we would have been much colder. So...I've been researching furnaces in order to try to figure out if we should replace this one or just the it is 20 years old.

I've also been trying to heave things out. Move them along. Simplify. All the while, I've been thinking of three series I want to do....hmmm.... I need this Buddha to give me the tranquility to get it all done....or be happy with what I do and don't get done.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lisa. 50 IS great!!! my guess is 50.

Jodi Horne
Ft. Sask, AB