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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ginny Eckley Redux

Ginny Eckley kindly sent me these images when she read that I was snarling about the quality of my images.

I've decided that part of my fascination with this piece is because of the luminous quality of the pillars, and that largely this is from the slight yellow cast in part of the pillars.

The variation in the background color and Ginny's quilting designs also adds shadow to this which gives definition. It still is a little dark, I'm thinking that this is just one of those quilts which doesn't want to co-operate with photography.

This isn't one of Ginny's pictures, it's one of mine, but again, there's a hint of warmth in the sky color and I think that the ironwork is particularly fine.

Here are Ginny's images of her carmine birds.

The quilting and threadwork here are wonderful.

I didn't think much about it, and I was embarassed to realize that Ginny is the author of Quilted Sea Tapestries. It's long out of print (it came out in 1995) but it is still available used on Amazon.

I've always enjoyed that book, but her present style is so different than what she was showing in the book that I didn't realize that she was one and the same. I also wasn't aware of the book until last year when I bought a copy as part of a quilting book lot.

It's no wonder that Ginny's website is


Hope you don't mind a little repeat...although a little better I hope!

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