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Friday, August 9, 2013

Between a Rock and a Hard Spot

Wow.  Things have been really up in the air at Casa Quintana.  Heart issues have always been a source of problems on both sides of my family.  My paternal great grandmother died of a heart attack at age 51.  My paternal grandfather died of a heart attack at 68.  My father had his first of three heart attacks at 50.  He's now failing quickly and my brother says to get out to Montana soon......only I have several problems...the biggest is that I am currently in chemo and am trying to swing it.  I took a little break (one cycle) and while at first, the markers dropped 10 points, this last one (the first after the first cycle back on) went up 30.  You want numbers to go down.  Usually, you look at trends, but if I mess up the schedule, then I'm not sure how accurate the numbers will be (I get two weeks of treatment then one off).

The second issue is how to get out there...I'm hoping we can use frequent flyer miles, but my daughter is afraid I will pick up something on the plane since my white blood cells will be at their lowest.

And then there's all the other wonderful things..COBRA ran out, and while I have private insurance at $883 per month (just for me), I'm having trouble finding insurance for my husband and daughter....just because of an odd series of things which have happened...all rectified, but in my husband's case, unprovable.'ve seen the top one before, a small piece I was doing "for fun" and the bottom shot is me at Jerusalem Rocks in Montana several years ago (I have lost a lot of weight since then) continues on the fast track jobs, no insurance and other fun things. 

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Gerrie said...

Lisa, this breaks my heart. I truly don't know how you keep up your spirits the way you do. I am sending you hugs and good thoughts.