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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Aullwood 2013: Ruth Powers

Ruth Powers, "Longhorn Splashdown", 47.5" x 33.5"
Ruth Powers of Carbondale, Kansas is one of the regulars at the Aullwood show....and rightly so as many of her pieces are nature related and fit right in.

I know I have made it very clear in the past how much I enjoy Ruth's work and am in awe of her ability to transform organic shapes into pieced quilts.....I particularly love the movement and the successful capture of one small moment in time in this piece she called "Longhorn Splashdown."

Ruth was inspired to make this piece from a sight she saw while driving in Arkansas.  She looked to the side of the road in time to see a longhorn plunge into water trying to get relief from a hot day and doubtless flies.  She didn't have a camera at hand to capture it, but since it as in action, she wouldn't have been able to shoot it in the fleeting moments.  Instead, she drew it from memory.

"Longhorn Splashdown,"  detail.
I know many folk are so drawn to the blaze on this bovine face that they want to pet it.

Ruth uses commercial cottons which makes this all the more remarkable as many art quilters resort primarily to hand dyed fabrics to meet their needs.

You can see more of Ruth's work and learn more about her on her website:

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Thanks, Lisa, I always look forward to seeing this show through your eyes!