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Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day 2013 Purple Hearts

Every Memorial Day, I usually get out my uncle Dave's purple heart and take a look. I didn't today because I am having a mental moment and can't remember where I put it for safe keeping.

Yesterday, on the way home from Quilt National in Athens, Ohio, I heard an NPR piece about the backlog that the VA has for returning vets who need help.  You can read the article here.

I haven't liked what I heard about the VA "system" for years.....but I have to say, I was going on the description of a neighbor who used the VA for his health care, and for a friend who was a nurse and who tried to help her father through the system.  This was LONG before Gulf War I, much less Gulf War II and Afghanistan (or is that included?).  I was appalled when my friend said that her father never saw the same doctor twice and would spend the whole day waiting for  his appointment as there wasn't really an appointment....he was assigned a number.  All I could think about was the waiting room from Beetlejuice

Since so much more pressure has been put on the system from returning vets who have injuries, lost limbs, and PTSD, it is so much worse. Vets are committing suicide at a horrific rate.

This is not how we should treat our military.

They are enticed to the best care in the quickest way.  I feel this is just another proof that we got into this war without understanding the costs.  And cost it does.....and funds MUST be raised to take care of this...if the people allowed us to get into this, then we need to provide for those who paid the physical and mental cost.

My uncle paid the supreme cost...these young men and women are living with the constant reminder.

Thus, I would like to ask that you consider giving to the Wounded Warrior Project, a private not-for-profit which is doing its darndest to help our wounded warriors....whether from physical or mental injuries....NOW not waiting....While money is tight for me right now, I am giving today in honor of my father, who suffered from PTSD from World War II, and in memory of  Sgt. David J Broberg who died on Okinawa.  I can't go to Athens, MI right now to lay flowers on Dave's grave, but this is the next best thing.

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Iris said...

Thank you for alerting me about the Wounded Warrior Project. Donation made, with gratitude to your dad, your uncle, my dad and all the others who have also served since. I totally agree with you. They deserve better from us.