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Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Winner and Wisconsin...well....Racine and Milwaukee my last post....which was quite a while ago really....I hosted a give-away for a package of Mistyfuse ultra-violet.  I noticed that somehow something hiccuped and some people had multiple comments saying the same thing put in at the same time....and some were deleted by the author...but I also noticed that those spaces were "counted" by blogger into the I dutifully wrote down each person who commented's name and put their corresponding number on it.  I then had a random number generator online give me the random number chosen between the two integers ( I just wanted to use that word as it isn't one which I get to use often. :)  ).  The number it chose was 26, which corrresponds to Juanita Yaeger. So....Juanita, email me and I'll put your package in the mail tomorrow!

I've been away since Thursday, which meant that I didn't get much of anything done besides giving away plants from my garden....hence the long silence. I've been in Racine, Wisconsin.  I have only been to Rhinelander before, so this was a new experience.  I  flew into Milwaukee, and was happy to find this used book store in the terminal... WAY COOL even if it is a little expensive.  I was driven to the Marriott in Racine where I was speaking and recording a DVD to be shown to newly diagnosed MBC/advanced cancer patients.  Because Racine (pop. 80,000) doesn't have a taxi service, I was a little limited.  I did get downtown and saw the Racine Art Museum, a small but wonderful place.  Unfortunately, my bag is a teardrop shaped Ameribag which was taken from me and I didn't take my camera out before hand...nor my sketchbook...nor my iPad ahead of, I don't have any pictures of that....nor notes...although I don't know if I could have taken pictures anyway.

But, don't you love the Kewpee Hamburger shop and the great architecture in the two (albeit drizzly) shots above?


Sherrie Spangler said...

Hi Lisa. I was at the Racine Art Museum years ago when I lived in Illinois and remember that it had some very nice exhibits. I hope your talk went well.

Iris said...

"taken" as in "checked"?

Lisa Quintana said...

Yes, Iris...but that doesn't describe the fit I had when I accidentally left my purse outside .....unattended....and it didn't get stolen or confiscated by authorities...chemo is really not a good thing for me to be on when traveling....keeping it all together is a struggle.