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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

One Thing I like About the Midwest

One thing I missed about the midwest when I lived in Connecticut was the spectacular sunsets.  Don't get me wrong, there were some good ones there too, especially when you were at the beach.  However, the changes in elevation meant that sunsets were often short.  Since the land is so flat in Ohio (and in southern Michigan where I grew up) you could sit and watch the light change over along periods of time.

This series of photos were taken on February 24, 2013 and they have not been colorized.  What you see is basically what I saw.  I did switch from the front to the back a couple of times.  This is the view looking northwest.

This is the full view of the tree which is at the left of the above image....and it looking more due west.
Back yard, looking due west, just after the above shot was taken.

Back to the front yard again...closer to the spruce tree, again the tree at the center is the same one you saw in the first two images (Silver maples...acer saccharinum....they love wet soils and our heavy clay is famous for holding addition, the water table is really high here. Yellow fall leaves, brittle limbs, quick growing....and best suited to be left in the swamp...get a sugar maple instead.)

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