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Thursday, March 14, 2013

More Piqua Pleasures: Treon's

 I've mentioned before about my love of building advertising....paintings above the roofline on storefronts, or on the backs and sides of buildings...usually NOT the side which faces the main drag.

On my recent photo romp in Piqua, Ohio I found these.  Some of it makes me giggle....the windows have been blocked in, but still remain reminiscent of the original fenestration.

But what was most fun was the one below.  You might recognize the name, Ruth Treon is one of my Batty Binder Art Quilting buddies.....Her husband's family owns Treon's Barbershop.  Don't you just love the barber pole and the little dingbat at the bottom pointing you to the back door? then at the back door you have another, in better condition, painted barber pole and the shop hours.
I think Ruth needs to do something with this....don't you?


Kathleen Loomis said...

Hi Lisa! I particularly love the big window that seems to fit into the other windows as an afterthought!

FYI, the pointing finger is called a "fist" in printer jargon. Fists and other little symbols and pictures are collectively called "dingbats." Just thought you needed to know.

Lisa Quintana said...

You are sooo right! I do need to know. Love it.