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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Well, Shoot!

Hmm...I suppose that lately this brings up all sorts of concepts.  Mine is just a comment.  I've been away, and back...and while I was away, I tried to blog...only something about the ipad blogger ap sent the posts into the netherworld.

Tonight, I was going to share some things and went to download the photos....only...I can't find the cables.  They're here least they were before I went away.... 

I've been madly working on taxes so I can get the stuff off to the accountant AND fill out my daughter's FAFSA forms...(Free Application for  Federal Student Aid).  That is annoying.  Even if  you don't get federal aid, you need to fill it out.....especially if your child is eligible for scholarships, including academic ones...and once you've filled them have to do it each year the kid is in school.  I just finished the taxes tonight and I plan to fill out the FAFSA either tonight or tomorrow.  

Soo....Here's a share for you.  It is a great PBS show showing fiber artists in Florida.  One segment shows Marianne Williamson.  I had the great pleasure to meet Marianne last year at the Studio Art Quilt Associates Conference in Philadelphia.  She was kind enough to let me tag along as we visited the galleries.  I admire her work and it is great fun to see her actually working in her studio.

The program is about 30 minutes pour yourself a favorite hot (or cold) beverage and enjoy!

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