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Monday, January 28, 2013

Little Birdies brought to you by Susan Pickrell

I have talked about the talented Susan Pickrell before.  Everytime we have a "Twisted Stitchers" meeting (the subgroup of art quilters with the Batty Binders)  She has a bunch of little fiber things to share.  This time, she was doing birds.  Lots of birds.

These little owlets were done with felting.  But the bigger owl and the little Chickie with two Baguettes below were done from the book below the Chickie, from Little Birds,  by C & T Publisher's Design Collective.  You can get it on Amazon, or your favorite bookstore, or you can get it as an e-book  (or as the real deal) directly from C & T  here.  I have never seen it, but I'm intrigued now that I have seen what Susan has done.

And to show you how modest she is (as well as prolific)  I commented on her gorgeous journal, knowing full well she had done the cover herself.  "Oh, it's just a little ribbon" said Susan.  Right.  Ribbon, machine embroidered peacock feathers on soluble stabilizer, combined with ribbon and other decorations she put together herself...after working...going to a family funeral out-of-state...she's just amazing!

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