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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lem the Christmas Tree Sprite

Today, I took down the Christmas tree.  Lem, who is now about 5 years old loved to climb the tree when he was little.  Now, he tips the scale at about 12 pounds.  Fortunately, he limits his climbing to when we are decorating the tree and when I am taking it down, but most of the ornaments are off.

Considering most of my ornaments are hand blown glass, including quite a few antiques....I am grateful.

Even if he bends the limbs a bit now....and yes...I had to to to an artificial tree in 2006.  While I like the fact that I can put it up and take it down when I want, I do miss the fresh tree smell and the wonderful time I had with my family present and past going out and cutting a tree at a farm.  

1 comment:

Jen Siegrist said...

I so wish I could have a tree again - big dogs with tails like bats but oh well... I would enjoy the kitty tree if only to watch!