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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cut Bank is Pretty Cool

Cut Bank is a pretty cool the famous penguin which welcomes you to town can attest.  There's always something to photograph.

Here are a few choice tidbits...I am pleased with the fantastic welded art...I haven't gotten a shot of the group of mounted Indians in front of the casino on the way out of town towards Browning, nor the cross and priest on the opposite side of the road, and this doesn't even begin to count the cool buildings and the elevators....I'm constantly fascinated by elevators...and piles of discarded farm machinery and vehicles.

Here are a few things to contemplate.

 The "Hi-Line" is what they call this reason for the name is because of a raised road intended to keep the snow from drifting.  This pair of tin snips has to be about 10 feet long.
 Sign done with a cutting torch.  The left side shows the elevators which are right behind the RR Car lot.
 Sign painted on the side of a building...I'm guessing from the 1960s.  The anthropomorphic water system is labled "Bill Ding."
 I'm sorry that this shot doesn't capture the beauty of this outdoor sculpture of sparkles and is new within the last 2 years.
The bench at the left is cut iron showing clouds. The bench at the center rear, just in front of the grass shows the mountains.


kathy loomis said...

wow!! love the signs, especially Bill Ding

Vivien Zepf said...

Very cool -- I personally like the wheat shaff.

Can you also put up your AWARD WINNING quilts in the next post? Inquiring minds want to see them again!