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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Thermofax Workshop with Shelley Brenner Baird

 Today, Maxine Thomas, Deb Bentley, Sue DeSantis, Mindy Marik and I ventured over to Columbus to do a workshop on printing on fabric with thermofax screens with Shelley Brenner Baird.

Shelley had lots for us to do while we were there....Seeing Shelley is always great fun and her workshop just continued that fun.  Shelley made each of us small thermofax screens with images we provided so we could see the whole process.  Then, we went to town printing on various fabrics we had brought along.

The first image you see here is an interesting set that Maxine Thomas did.  She printed on gauze and had a layer of fabric underneath to get what when through the thin gauze.
Debra Bentley brought along some commercial prints which were "old" and not something she would use anymore.  One piece was a decorator weight, coarsely woven  material printed with a funny green print.  Deb's overprinting with the thickened dyes were just wonderful.

Mindy did some really fun stuff, and what she's working on in the last photograph shows a piece of vintage fabric (a slip I think which had lace inserted) which she had dyed a plain color, and now she was working up a print to go over the top.

I didn't take too many pictures, and didn't get any good ones of Shelley and Sue because I was too busy printing my own.

It's now batching under it's own electric mattress pad, all nice, warm and cuddly.  I won't be able to see what came out of it until tomorrow, but since I was only working with plain PFD cotton and a piece of burlap (all that I could really pull together this week) I will probably do some over-dyeing as well as adding extra stuff....whether it be foiling, or paint or....

Yes...thermofax....the old, out of date mimeograph machine which so many tatoo artists now use for making their stencils....only we use a different material.


Terry Jarrard-Dimond said...

I am so jealous! I would have loved to be there printing with you and Shelley. Sounds like you had a wonderful day of printing.

Lisa Broberg Quintana said...

Your ears should have been burning as Shelley mentioned you a couple of times, Terry. It was great...even though my hands presently look like they belong on a hyena....I was really good and wore my gloves until after I finished cleaning up my stuff, then I started filling some containers with dye thickened with alginate for someone else and picking up...suddenly, I had black, sun gold, and light lavender spots!