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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Etsy all the Way!

Beth Ann Miller modeling Jen Johnson's dress
Yesterday I had a maddening thing happen.  The belt I bought locally at a chain store which supposedly was leather...was BONDED leather and it de-laminated into two strips.  It was only about the third time I wore it....I'm irritated as after I bought it, I thought "Hey, I should look at Etsy."   There were belts there the same price which were hand-made and were ALL in NOT bonded pieces of gluck.

I keep on forgetting that people don't know about Etsy.  I've only purchased a few things on it, hand-etched wine glasses for my niece as a wedding present  (slight glitch as the artist didn't mail it until two and a half months after the event).  I've also ordered supplies.  I get Thermofax screens from a couple of sellers, and the other day, I ordered some Czechoslovakian glass buttons.

I need to list some of my own stuff there as well.  To sell on Etsy, it has to be art/craft supplies, objects MADE by the seller/artist or vintage stuff.  I have several things need to list, but I just have to get motivated.

Back of Jen's dress...with Jen in it!
At our retreat in late February, Jen Johnson, a member of Batty Binders (and the daughter of one of the members) worked on some skirts and dresses she sells on Etsy as PhunkyFashion.  These are her own designs and she makes them all herself.

You can find really cool stuff and like most other sales venues, you can read the purchaser's comments.  I'd highly recommend that.  I think most of the sellers are honest, but they are artists, and well....sometimes keeping creative sorts on task is like herding cats....

Hopefully, my sewing room will be back together soon...supposedly tomorrow I'll be able to start moving everything back in...which is a good thing because I have a bunch of projects to finish and even more to start!

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