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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Guilty Gardener

Snow crocus

The forlorn vegetable garden
I have been working hard on doing taxes and college financial reporting (which is sort of silly as we don't qualify for the loans).  We've had many warm fact, too many.

This is a snow crocus that was blooming in my garden on January 31, WAY too early.  The same day saw several snowdrops blooming, but evidently I forgot to take pictures of those little white beauties.

I've been a little concerned, not so much for the spring bulbs, but I have tree peonies which are beginning to unfurl their leaves....not good if we get a prolonged cold snap.  I'll probably lose the cherry crop this year as well, I often do if there is a late frost.  I had no crop last year.

I have much to catch up on in the garden. The fall was busy and I wasn't up to par, not that I am now.  I managed to get the front pretty well taken care of, but my back yard gardens are full of things which need cutting down, and leaving them harbors more insects and some fungal and viral diseases.  I'm thinking mostly of the daylilies and iris....I did cut back most of  peonies, another chore which must be done or risk botrytis blight.

I prefer clean up rather than using sprays, although some things I leave in the garden to have winter interest, like my grasses and my sedums.

This horrible mess though was a complete loss....I planted rather half-heartedly last year, but I did put things in my raised beds and just beyond..but I wasn't able to garden in the summer...the chemo just took too much out of me.  The year before was somewhat the same.

The only solace I am able to take is that these over grown weeds are home and shelter to lots of birds.  Mostly sparrows, juncos and finches at this time of year, but this summer wrens found it great too.  Hopefully, I'll be able to clean it up soon and this year I hope to have a decent garden....either that, or I'll put it all back to lawn again.

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Vivien Zepf said...

You leave me in the dust, even with your slower pace. My garden survives with my benign neglect. I wish I would garden more, but I only like to weed early in the morning. I don't rouse myself often enough to make that happen.