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Friday, November 25, 2011

What I would have missed.....

Breast cancer awareness month is over.  Pink items are now on clearance, Dannon yogurt lids have either been turned in or thrown away.  Still...for those of us who live it either as patients or as friends, family and caregivers, it is with us.

As part of their effort to get the word out, promote breast cancer awareness in October and to convince the Super Committee to leave the funds intact for research in cancer, the American Cancer Society was asking people to tell what they would have missed had drugs and treatment not been available.  

If I hadn't had the care I had when I was diagnosed in 1994, I would have missed:
My daughter's first steps; and her first day at pre-school.  I would have missed teaching her in Baby-swim at the YMCA.

If I hadn't had 9 24-hour infusions of Taxol in 1998 after the stage IV diagnosis in Dec.1997, I would have missed my daughter's first day of kindergarten, Brownies, girl scouts, and working as a substitute teacher and with the PTO.  I wouldn't have been able to move back to the midwest, make quilts, give lectures, help out at my church and sing in the choir and watch my daughter run in cross country from grade 7 through her senior year.

If I didn't have the new drugs available as of May, 2010, I would have missed my daughter's senior year, graduation from high school and her first year of college, my niece's wedding, my other niece's getting her doctorate.  

Oh...there's lot of stuff in between...sunlight on the water, walks with the Siberian husky who adopted us, lots of laughs and projects with my various quilting guilds....warm chocolate chip cookies, the women of the Noble Circle project.....

The danger remains.  The U. S. Government funds research, often in areas that pharmaceutical companies won't because there are too few people who get a particular illness, or that perhaps it won't be profitable.  This isn't just for cancer, but many other illnesses and problems which assail us.  About 2% of the Federal budget goes for this.  How much are you willing to cut here?  Who do you want to tell that there's no more funds to try to find a cure or preventative for whatever illness? Take a look at the whole pie of the spending here.

Again...I don't know what the answer is in this prickly problem...but I certainly hope that someone comes up with something for me fast that works....At 51, I've lived 17 years with cancer being part of my life....I'd like to be able to add "watching my daughter graduate from college, seeing her married (if that happens), and maybe grandchildren (long way down the road and certainly not a given)....not to mention I'd like to go to Spain, and to Ireland and Sweden....and see many more sunrises and sunsets, and stars twinkling in the heavens.


Calming Scents said...

Hi, im to newly diagnosed th think what i would missed. Ive seen alot actually already, 3 of my 5 children married, 7 grandchildren, but there is so much more since im only 53. I want to travel more with my husband, weve not spent much time together. I want to spend more time camping, more time with the grandkids, more time watching nature.

Calming Scents said...

Im in wisconsin, near madison. I like my oncologist, hes very positive, he told me he dosnt operate on averages, he goes for the miracles. Only thing i dont like is he says nutrition wont make a difference, where i feel it surely does. Im very interested in ctca but my insurance is an hmo so they wont let me go there. I have a great husband and kids, they keep me going. I went back to work up to 15 HOURS a week but i need to b careful b cause i dont want to blow my ssdi that is set to start in april. Im leaning towards retiring and living off my ssdi and candke business as soos as i can because i want to camp more, b with my family more and just enjoy life more. Im sorry about your new pain. Im sorry for all of us fighting this. I took some quilting classes a few years ago but due to work and crazy life i never got to learning how to quilt. Now im so busy making candles and body products and getting my website up i dont have anymore time. I will work on getting my blog updated also b cause my blog i believe will b attached to my web site.

KAM said...

Those of us fortunate enough to follow your blog would have missed that opportunity. It is my blessing that you are a survivor. I have said goodbye to too many folks and when I can feel your joy in living in your stories of gardens and quilts and life, I am filled with gratitude for you in my life.
Kristin McNamara Freeman

Michigoose said...

Wow, Calming Scents! I am dumbfounded. Keep on fighting the good fight.

KAM, thanks so much....I'm humbled by your words. While I enjoy writing, sometimes you have no idea if anyone other than your family and friends (who are aware...heck..I think my friends are more aware of my blog than my family!) is actually reading. Thanks so much for taking the time to look at my little corner of the world.