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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Power Suit Challenge Part 4: Cards and My entry

 Not surprisingly, several of the entries in the Power Suit Challenge included cards.  I was somewhat amused to hear artist Linda Cooper explaining the hand to another visitor.  It was all I could do not to eves drop as I was standing on the opposite side of the panel.  I don't play bridge, so I was very interested to try to understand this game....

Power Suit – The James Bond Way
"In Ian Fleming‘s Moonraker novel, there‘s a scene where James Bond stacks the deck and deals this hand devised by the Duke of Cumberland, son of George III. Bond is playing with M against the villain, Hugo Drax. And although Drax‘s hand looks magnificent, there‘s no way he and his partner can take a trick. I made this quilt with fond memories of many years of card games played with family and friends. I thank Conner Gillette and my brother, Joe Thoma, for posing for the head and torso (Conner) and hand (Joe) of Bond."

I was intrigued by Marilyn Welling's Poker Power Suit because she used the shirting fabrics as the back side of the poker hand and turned them back so you could see the card values.  This added dimension to her quilt.  Of course the power suit in poker is a Royal Flush which is seen here in the upper left corner.  Marilyn noted that she likes playing poker in her artist statement.

Lastly, here's my entry.  If you look back through the other photos of the exhibition you can see a corner of it hanging.  This is the shot I took just before sending it off in the mail.  Mine is called "Run for the Money".  The background is made from the shirting swatches cut and randomly pieced.  The men are cut from the black suiting swatches and fused with Misty-fuse.  The monopoly money was fussy cut from a fabric printed with Monopoly money, and I carefully cut out the pieces which you could see most of the bills from and also fused them with Mistyfuse.  I free-motion quilted it with dollar signs.  The binding is the rather dull grey silk tie which was in my packet.


Del said...

Thanks for sharing this exhibit - I enjoyed the images and your explanations. I don't "get" some of them, but I understand yours and think you did a good job of expressing your intent. Love, Del

Linda Cooper said...

Hi Lisa,
I wish you'd said something while I was running on about James Bond. I'm from Piqua and my brother Joe (Bond's hand) and brother Charlie run Joe Thoma and Sons the family jewelry business. Amazing!
I loved your quilt. It's so effective with all the figures chasing the money.
If you're in DC again, I hope we can meet- or maybe when I'm visiting Ohio again.
I like your Dayton landmarks and will enjoy seeing the quilts.
Thanks for the kind words about my quilt.
Linda Cooper

Michigoose said...

Thanks Del! Boy, Linda...small world. My husband works for Hartzell Propeller in Piqua, and I'll be hosting the SAQA OH parlor meeting at Hartzell on Jan. 7, 2012. :) I expect to be in DC again....if for nothing else, I am going to enter Sacred Threads for 2013! But I also hope to get over to a couple of other things and I wouldn't mind going back to Williamsburg just to see my grad school roomie and see how things have changed since I left in 1983.